Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1st

It's that time again.  The April Poem-A-Day Challenge.  I look forward to it, settle into writing mode, and then it sneaks up on me and the day slips away something like this:

8:00 - Copy poetry prompt into notebook.

8:00-8:15 - Fuss at Youngest to hurry up.

8:25 - Drop Youngest and friends off at school.

8:30 - Trip to the bank.

8:40 - McDonald's for breakfast.

8:50 - Home to eat breakfast.

9:00 - Already feeling exhausted.  Check e-mail and goof around on Facebook.

9:00-whoknowshowlong - Blog hop.

12:30ish - Realize it's after noon, I hadn't even showered, and I still need to go to the store.

1:30 - Trip to the store.

2:00 - Back home again, and more goofing around. 

3:00 - Panic mode.  Try to focus on writing for the 20 minutes I have left 'til I head to the school again. 

3:20 - Still nothing written.  Slink out of the house with notebook and pen, feeling frustrated and ashamed already.

3:25 - At school.  Warm sun coming through windshield, slight breeze through open window.  It's a beautiful spring day!  Open notebook, get distracted by birds in the grass, close notebook, lean head back on seat and doze off instead.

4:00 - Home again.

4:30 - Boredom has officially set in.  Call my mother to share info on a book I found, but she isn't home so I spend too long talking to my brother.

5:30 - Time to start dinner.

6:00 - Announce to the husband and Youngest that today starts the April poem-a-day challenge.  Met with silence.

6:30-8:30 - Eat.  Clean kitchen.  Start laundry (I need a maid).  Play with iphone til I finally drag myself into the study.

9ish - In study to write. Volbeat playing in headphones.

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