Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Small Stone Day 8


Still having issues posting pictures, but after a little searching found a way around it. 
The picture is of my journal on the first day of the Mindful Writing challenge before I began writing.  I've since filled up a page and a half with daily observations. 
Some days I find myself struggling just to find one thing, or the right words for that something.  At those times, I think the problem is me.  I'm trying too hard, or not hard enough.  Not paying proper attention.  Other days I may have multiple moments that I want to make note of, and all the words seem to fall into place.  I enjoy each of these because it's the process - of writing, and of awareness - that keeps me focused, keeps me noticing the world around me, especially the little things like the way the rain drums steadily on the roof of the house and runs like a faucet, splashing in puddles in the garden walkway.  In a world that's noisy and chaotic and spinning around me at dizzying rates, it's the stopping to listen, to pay attention, to just be that quiets all the rest, and makes life that much more colorful.
My small stone for today:  The rising rainwater quickly runs off the sidewalk where it pools in the grass, drowning the discarded ketchup packet.

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