Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Dear Muse,

I'm sad.  Grumpy.  Unmotivated.  Down right moody.  All because I almost lost my Nano novel.  Over the weekend, my computer decided to pay a visit to its other dinosaur friends.  I didn't think it was going to return, and had pretty much resigned myself to thinking I'd lost all the hard work I'd done on Rose Moon (working title) - all 41,124 words of it.  That is until the husband rebuilt it and saved the pitiful mess.

I'm extremely thankful, but I've lost two days now simply because I'm a creature of habit, and hate using Wordpad because he couldn't find the disc to reinstall Microsoft Office. So, now, instead of being ahead like I was, I'm farther behind than I have been all month.  I have almost 4,000 words to write just to get back on track.  Do you know how much that sucks when I can't see a word count?  That's what's killing me.  I know I should be more concerned with just writing, getting the words down (even if I dislike Wordpad, and I do), instead of worrying about word count.  But it's those numbers and progress going up that motivate me like nothing else.

Oh, muse, let's not drop the ball now.  We still have three more good days to get ahead, and hopefully before then I'll have Word back on here.

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