Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Ah, Halloween, my favorite time of year.  The costumes, candy, decorations, cooler weather, snuggling under warm blankets.  I miss the sunshine late in the evening, and hate crawling out of bed in the darkness, but Fall is still my all-time favorite season.

I waited too long to get a pumpkin for us to carve this year, and ended up with a medium sized one with a pre-made face on it, and a few tiny ones.

I even dressed up in costume.  Here's part of it...

I managed to scare my fourteen-year-old (fun stuff!), and two little trick-or-treaters.  The trick-or-treaters were unintentional.  Their mom was with them and said they're scared of anything in a costume.  Once they left, all I could think about was the way they stood, feet firmly planted as far back as they could get until their mom took their buckets and held them out so I could put the candy in, and the way they stared at me like my cute little clown costume was the scariest thing they'd ever seen.  I retired my costume and make up immediately after.  I thought I'd need a chisel to get that make up off.  And some of the dark red lipstick still remains.

I had tons of candy to give out, and am glad to say that not one piece was left.  I usually buy the crappy stuff - too sour, too gummy, too hard - so I won't be tempted to eat it.  Trick-or-treaters also get Halloween pencils and/or stickers so I'm not totally contributing to the garbage.

Did you get lots of treats?

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